About Me

 Assalamualaikum and hi!
Welcome to my blog. So this is the section for me to introduce myself. I am Najihah. The author of this blog. This is my personal blog. I write about my life. So this is some details about me:

  • Birthday: 3 August
  • Siblings: Eldest from three
  • Favourites: Chocolate of course, Vanilla ice cream
  • Start blogging: 2013 
  • Country: Malaysia

If you feel like want to know more about me or collaborate feel free to visit my social media account or you may email me at najihahzahid38@gmail.com

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Nurul Najihah said...

Hello! saya Najihah juga. Lahir bulan ogos juga hahaha. Saya anak sulung juga.