Sunday, May 07, 2017

#Ways I Save Money

When I was in secondary school it's easier me to save money cause I'm not go to canteen person every recess. So from that I had save the budget for the food. So during I was in school I save my money by this way:

1. Save half from my money

Every time I got money, I will save a half from that. As example, I got RM 20 so I will save RM 10 in my money-box. So I will use that money in emergency case such as I had not enough money to buy book or paid any things such as duit makan untuk hari sukan, duit kelas and anything else. 

2. Transfer money

When I back home, I will bring the money in my money-box at hostel along with me. I will transfer the money in other money-box at home. So I will always remind myself that I can't use that money cause that money will be transfer in bank at the end of year. 

So that were my way during I was in hostel. But now, I not stay in hostel anymore. First month I finished my school, I am really extravangant. I did not plan my money properly. If I would like to use the money then I just use it. No plan. 

Then, I transformed. I plan how I want managed my money. 

this is my money-box

1. Find your own reason

Firstly, you must plan what you will use with your money. As me, I have 4 reasons: for education, emergency, treat and daily use. So let's we label it with A, B, C and D.
D-daily use
2. You must have more than one money-box

It's okay if you don't have money-box. You also may use envelope as your money-box. Then label each of them. So the money in each money-box is only use for that reason only. Don't use it for others reason such as you take money from box A to use it for B.

3. Divide your money into some part

As example me, every I got money I will save half from that in box C. Then the others half, after I use it, I will divide the balance to three and put it in box A, B and D.
4. Use coin for transport

Honestly, every time I go out I will bring so much coins. The coins is only use for the transport such as LRT. But, if you have the Rapid KL card it easier more for you.

So that's it. I just share how I save my money. Maybe you can change it to be more better and efficient.


Masyitah Jafri said...

Very informative. 💕👍😁

Jun Zie said...

Useful tips darl =D

Nurul Najihah said...

@Masyitah Jafri :)

Nurul Najihah said...

@Jun Zie thanks sis

Lea Azleeya said...

Beso bege tu.. nak sikit boleh.. hehehe

Aiman said...

good tips to save money nowadays. think before act

Nurul Najihah said...

@Lea Azleeya nanti patah gigi kalau makan

Nurul Najihah said...

@Aiman yes. dizaman semua benda nak kena guna duit ni memang mencabar untuk menyimpan