Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Journey

Hey guys. Sorry for not always update the entry. Most of SPM 2016 leavers had registered in university in this week. On 24 May 2017 I have registered as a student in Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM). The total of my schoolmate from my batch are 13 people. 12 from girls and only one boy.

So on 24/5/2017-26/5/2017 we have our orientation days. It started in 3 p.m. on 24/5/2017. Mostly of it we just have some talks about the university.

-in the journey to campus for orientation day-

In the second day, we have visited the whole university. Then we had joined a program in velodrom in front of our university. In that program we have meet with Azizul Hasni and the others cycles. In the night we have some activity in group. My group have 4 boys and 6 girls. We have to introduce ourself by partner then we shared about our partner in the group. So from that we have known each other.

-in the velodrom-

In the third day, we also have some talks. Our orientation day the end in the evening. Then we do our first tarawih for this ramadhan at USIM's mosque. This was first time that mosque use it.

So we will start our class in Monday. So goodluck guys for the new life. Study well.

-with our senior during in primary school that study in USIM too-

I don't know how this post look like it cause I use app blogger to make this entry. This is my first time use this app.


SHAF NAJMI said...

Good luckk in your studies 💕😊

Naja said...

Tahniah. Welcome to uni life 😀

Masyitah Jafri said...

Ramai nau geng yeee 😏😏😏👍

Farhana Zaid said...

All the best dik!

Nurul Najihah said...

@SHAF NAJMI thank you :)

Nurul Najihah said...

@Naja hehe thank you

Nurul Najihah said...

@Masyitah Jafri hehe jgn jeles naa~~~

Nurul Najihah said...

@Farhana Zaid thank you