Monday, April 10, 2017

My Dream Place

Assalamualaikum guys. There are several countries that I really want to go. It has being my dream for a long time ago. Every time I saw any person went there I feel like 'Oh my.... When I can go There...', 'Wow! It's really wonderful to go there'. 

1. Japan 

So this is the main country that I really want to go. I want to see the culture in Japan live. I want to see Sakura and more else. But the main reason I want to go there is seeing the culture of Japan. I also want to see the technology in Japan and speak Japanese. So I had learned Japanese a little such as Arigato Ghozaimasu, Kohichiwa, Moshi-moshi. Just a simple things. There are a lot things I must learn. I have to memorize Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Ohh.. 

2. Makkah 

This also my dream country. I really hope I can do Umrah and Haji in young age because I still energetic. But we never know Allah's plan right. He's plan is the best. So we just need to attemp to get it. The view in Makkah also nice. It's beautiful. I want to meet with Arabic people. I want to look how big they. I also want to see their culture at there. I can practice my Arabic language at there fully. But I know, my Arabic was not good enough. Still in learning process. My vocabulary also a little. 

3. Madinah 

So if I want to do Umrah and Haji so of course Madinah will be listed also. I want to see the beautiful of Nabawi Mosque. The reason almost same with Makkah. I hope one day my family and I can go there. Furthemore, my siblings are still in child age. 

4. Istanbul 

I want to go Istanbul because inspired by Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh story. Besides, Istanbul also one of beautiful country. I want to look the place of Constantinopel opening by Sultan al-Fateh. I want to look the culture in there. 

So that's four are my dream place. The most reason are because I want to see the beautiful view and look the culture live. I am very sure you also have the dream place. So let's share your dream place too. 

p/s: i know there are a lot of grammar mistake. i still trying...


Nur Asyikin said...

Hope you can travel to your favourite places one day. :)

Nurul Najihah said...

@Nur Asyikin thank you, you too

Masyitah Jafri said...

Nak pegi jugakkkk

Anonymous said...

Najeh,gi jepun ajak ye!!

Nurul Najihah said...

@Masyitah Jafri jom jom

Nurul Najihah said...

@Anonymous boleh, nanti sponsor ye