Monday, June 02, 2014


assalamualaikum,whats app?
today I want to share with you a story.on 25 May 2014,a few of titanium batch had went to rumah anak yatim,rumah ilham.all the person at there are boys only.we had do some activity.
1.morning tea
3.pray dhuha together
4.tazkirah 7 minute

we had went to orphanage home at 9.15a.m.then,we reached at there about 10.30a.m.we went there by a bus

~in our journey~

after we reached,we heared a spoke from representative ilham house.after that,we made groups.for your information the kids at there are from ten year's old until seventeen year's old.so.the girls make usrah with primary school kids.

#morning tea time# 

on 11.00a.m.we pray dhuha together.their surau very nice,beautiful.after pray,we heared 7 minute tazkirah from Luqman Sidek.after tazkirah we took picture together.

but,before we pray dhuha together we had an usrah.our main topic is 'erti kesyukuran'.we had do many activity.my usrah member are masyitah,ezryn,hanis afiqah,shameen,natasya,sabriena,sarah syafiqah,atiqah hanisah,hajar and fatin.also didn't forget,aiman,harith,adi,danish and another one I forgot.

~usrah time~

my usrah member

after we pray dhuha and tazkirah,we had a qasidah presenting.it was be presented by boys.then,we had change sourvenirs between smamaiwp and ilham house.then we gave some sourvenirs to the kids in ilham house.it was a nice day.

~in front of ilham house~

in that day we felt very happy even we were tired.I hope I can join such as this activity in another time.I will not forget this day.

but what I want to tell you is we need to thanks to Allah because we still have parents but they doesn't have.they had lost their father or mother.Allah had state in al-quran that in surah al-maun sentence1-2,surah an-nisa' sentence 6 and another else. we need to love orphanage.we can't eat their wealth.

always remember that all we have in this world are belonging to Allah.we only borrow it.we must benefit it to a true way.we can waste it to a wrong way.my last word.we must be a thanks person.tata...

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