Friday, March 28, 2014

zina?how it happen?and how to avoid it?

friends before I start my about our topic,may I ask you a question?
what is your opinion about zina?how come this thing happen?

now I want to talk about zina.how zina can happen?zina can happen in many ways.it can comes by couple and messange.do you don't believe?
watch this videos

that is video for the first reason why zina can happen.now watch another one video.this about zina can come by message

now,do you believe me?so,how to avoid from zina.I have some tips to you.
1.take care of your sightness
people malay always said'from eye turn to heart'.to take care your heart,you must take you eye first.when we take care of our eye,Allah will take care of our iman in our heart.Allah will give us patience,judicious and obedience to take your eye.

Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah bersabda kepada Sayyidina Ali,dengan berkata:"Wahai Alijanganlah engkau meneruskan pandangan yang haram (tidak sengaja) dengan pandangan yang lain kerana pandangan yang pertama itu harus (dimaafkan) bagimu.Namun yang kedua itu adalah haram"
(Riwayat Abu Daud dan al-Tarmizi)

2.arrest your listening
mendengar sesuatu yang boleh menaikkan syahwat juga dilarang di dalam islam.apa yang didengarinya boleh 'mengalir'ke dalam hati.

Allah juga telah berfirman,"janganlah mereka (wanita)menghentakkan kaki untuk diketahui orang lain apa yang tersembunyi daripada perhiasan mereka.bertaubatlah kamu sekalian kepada Allah"
(surah al-Nur,24:31)

ayat ini ingin juga menjelaskan bahawa seorang wanita perlulah menjaga adab apabila bercakap dengan seorang lelaki yang bukan mahramnya.seorang wanita tidak seharusnya bercakap dengan suara yang merengek-rengek,mendayu-dayu atau dengan suara yang menggoda.cara percakapan tersebut boleh menaikkan syahwat seorang lelaki.

seorang wanita seharusnya bercakap dengan perkataan dan bahasa yang sopan,jelas dan elakkan daripada perkataan yang boleh mendatangkan fitnah.selain itu,kita juga perlulah menjaga pendengaran kita daripada mendengar lagu-lagu yang menyuburkan cinta yang terlarang.

3.not seat in two-pair
people that have iman will not let them to seat in two-pair with people that is their mahram.if do like that it just same like wedeliberate to open the door to zina.

if we sit in two-pair,it will have a third party to lure us to do zina.
Rasulullah s.a.w. memberi amaran,"janganlah seseorang lelaki berdua-duaan dengan seorang wanita kecuali bersama mahramnya."
(Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

4.avoid from touch
if seat in two-pair,afer sightness and listening,lastly syaitan will success to lure the couple to touch.first,it just touch the hand,but little by little,it began to spread to a biger vices.
Rasulullah has remembered us,"if head someone impaled with iron,that is more better than touch a girl that is not halal for him"
(Riwayat al-Tabarani)

5.control your heart
the matter is very important is control your heart.but,that was the very harderst thing for us to do.zina will not happen if our heart say no.all our senses,eye,ear,nose,hand and leg is control by our heart.

unfortunately,heart also can near to zina when we start wish and keep hope.this is heart zina that we need to control with mujahadah and ibadah.ther is no another way except we refuse all the hope from we do it.but,how?
i-avoid from the place that can bring us to zina
ii-block all the enthusiam hope by control our sightness
iii-avoid our nose from smell the perfume
iv-don't let our leg to the vices by 'beruzlah' at the place that have islamic situatin such as mosque
v-control the uses of technology that can made us to zina

friends,zina is like flames.we must block it  start from sparks and embers.we must avoid from all the proceses to zina even it looks like not to dangerous at the first level.

so,we must close all the ways to zina closest because zina is started with our desire in heart.if we served it,it will be the real zina.you want it happen?of course you don't want right?so,we need to avoid from zina.


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